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16 Charles Street, London


Value: £80,000

Contract Period: 9 weeks

Status: Completed

16 Charles Street is part of the Berkeley Square Properties portfolio.

We were appointed to carry out specialist internal redecorations to this fully occupied building. 

Works included communal staircase redecoration, restoration of mural following water ingress, french polishing of all oak handrails,  new carpets throughout common areas and a specialist clean of the marble floors, stair risers and treads.

In addition to the above works we were later invited back to carry out the following -

Using a specialist contractor we carefully and sympathetically cleaned the ceiling of all soot from the lights etc.  We then carried out repairs to approximately 12 cracks and carried out redecorations to the mural.

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CS2 CS 1

Photos above showing communal staircase redecoration.


Mural works in progress


Mural works completed