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Specialist redecoration, City of London

Contract: Worshipful Company of Dyers

Value: £100,000

Contract Period: 12 weeks

Status: Completed


The Worshipful Company of Dyers is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London  and received its Royal Charter from Henry IV in 1471. It originated as a trade association for members of the dyeing industry but is now mainly a charitable institution. The company now flourishes at its Dowgate Hill site, acquired in the 16th Century. The present hall was built in the 19th Century and is the third hall to stand on this site.


Collins Contractors have worked with the company for many years and we were approached to carry out various works for this contract. This included:

  • Regilding of decorative columns with Gold Leaf in the Court Room.
  • Upgrading of fire alarm system and new door entry system
  • Renewal of stone infill panels and provision of roof anchor points
  • Application of fire retardant coatings to wall fabrics

The pictures on the right show the regilding work carried out on the columns within the Court Room. This is highly skilled work requiring trained, specialist workers which we were able to supply for the project.


The client was extremely happy with the results of the work carried out. The Court Room regilding returned this impressive space to its former glory enhancing the appeal of the room to all who use it for its various functions.

Further information and photographs are available upon request.  

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The completed regilding work

Work in progress showing the regilding of decorative columns with Gold Leaf in the Court Room

The regilded columns either side of the Millennium Window showing dyers at work